Have a bite of local specialties!

The genuine taste of Finnish Food derives from the pure lakes, farmlands and forests. No wonder that the traditional kitchen deemed to promote health, well-being and vitality. We invite you to take a chance to try some real Finnish specialties. Do not miss our local favorites: creamy lohikeittio (salmon-soup with cream), rich in flavor kalakukko (fish pie).

Search for traditional klimpisoppa (beef and dumplins soup) or maitokalakeito (salmon cooked in milk); or you may go for simple and straight forward silli uudet perunat (New potatoes with herring, garnished with chantarelle sauce). Do not forget to pick up traditional karjakan piirakat (thin rye pastries with rice, potatos or carrot) in the nearst supermarket; ready to eat or pre-cooked it is always a great snack.

And of course, Lekotti’s hit – grillimakkara! Choose from a great variety of sausage made for grilling and have it with mustard. At Lekotti - we have a number of outdoor campfires and grills for a prompt picnic.


You have dozens of cafes and restaurants in our region to explore and making your own discoveries of Finnish Traditional Kitchen:


Bon appetite!
And welcome to Lekotti Family Club!